Who, What & Why


We are a social enterprise that passionately believes skills drive the future of young people, and of Australia. WorldSkills Australia has been empowering excellence in young Australians since 1981, by promoting and building a skills culture, celebrating excellence and showcasing vocational education and training.


For over 37 years, WorldSkills Australia has promoted excellence and vocational training through the running of skills competitions, community projects and leadership programs for Australia’s next generation of skilled leaders. With our skills-based competitions operating at regional, national and international levels, young Australians competing at any level enter an arena of globally recognised skills. We are part of a global skills hub that aligns with industry best practices, helping to connect better organisations that deliver change with the young future leaders who can make it happen. Our competition model prepares young skilled Australians for future success, whatever careers path they travel and wherever it may take them. Our 4,000 strong volunteer workforce ensure we prepare each WorldSkills competitor with the tools and skills to succeed. Without them, we simply could not deliver the outcomes we do.


In supporting young people to follow their passion and pursue a skilled career, WorldSkills Australia is influential in raising the profile of the vocational education and training sector and its undeniable importance to the growth of Australia’s vital industries and future employment opportunities. Our aim is to help future proof   Australia’s economic prosperity in a sustainable way by providing a platform for personal development and recognition of Australia’s skilled young people. We are proud to champion excellence in vocational training. By celebrating the possibilities skilled careers can bring, we strive to influence the perceptions of apprentices and trainees, school children, their parents, industry and employer groups about the positive aspects of our vocational education and training system.